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We are a new tropical fruit grower established in 2016. The orchard is located at No.86, Section 4, Zhongshan Road, Fangshan Township, Pingtung County 941, Taiwan. It is just below the Chunghwa Telecom International Station, beside the north-up-side of the Taiwan Provincial Highway 1, facing Taiwan Sea on the gentle slope of the northeast to southwest mountains. The sea breeze blows all the year round and the spring and winter droughts are accompanied with Northeast Monsoon. The land is located on the northern bank of the Fangshan River. The geology is a layer of Lichi Melange: argillaceous soil filled with many rock blocks, gravel and river sand, which is a poor soil but well-drained farmland. The area of the orchard is nearly 1 hectare. The mainly planting of Irwin mangoes is studded with a small amount of Golden Honey, Black Fragrance and Tainon No.1 mangoes. The farmland also grows Yu Her Bao litchi, Jin Zuan pineapple, papaya and Taiwan Banana No.2. The management of the grove adopts traditional farming methods plus grass cultivation to promote fruit and ecology diversity.

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